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The swampVST aims to present a simple, minimalistic interface to craft audio with, whether it be for music production or sound designing. The VST consists of three oscillators- sine, saw and square waves, all assigned to rotary sliders. There are three state variable filters: low-pass, band-pass, and high-pass, which can be shaped with cut-off and resonance sliders leisurely. The frequency slider controls the pitch of the output audio through dragging the slider along the linear scale.

The user interface is somewhat reminiscent of hardware interfaces, most like a conventional ribbon controller, where the swampVST strives to virtually capture the interactive properties that are often associated with these controllers. Through this user interface, the swampVST attempts to re-create and capture what is intuitive and comfortable about music hardware in the physical world.

The swampVST was written in C++ using Projucer, using the DSP module to generate audio.